We care about the environment

Holiday World recognises that one of the main attractions that guarantees its tourist activity success is respecting the environment. This has given rise to a new project that we have called "ECO HOLIDAY".

“ECO HOLIDAY” is more than just a concept: it's an inspirational factor at Holiday World regarding performance and good environmental practises, with the main objective being the definition, development and implementation of corrective measures regarding cost control. This enables us to personally analyse our establishments' facilities, functional control instructions and performance, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and in turn, identifying with the organisation's commitment to good environmental management focussed on the impact of our activity.

As such, Holiday World actions regarding this subject start with our own activity supply through the reduction of packaging, the use of biodegradable and recyclable products, in addition to the management of other equally pollutant aspects. This includes the minimising of noise pollution and general movements both inside and outside the establishments by trying to maintain an optimum acoustic level, as well as the control of waste and emission of substances into the atmosphere, always striving to remain within the legally established standards.

As examples of our environmental policy at Holiday World, there are numerous, latest measures that are in effect in our establishments. Our recently opened HOLIDAY POLYNESIA is an excellent example of this policy:

Regarding electricity:

· Access keys using special lighting circuits for repairs and cleaning, avoiding connections with other major circuits.
· Maximisation of lifts and service lifts.
· Heating using a VRV system which functions using gas. Not only is this system clean, it also reduces the consumption of water. Furthermore, this can work with a minimum of 9 rooms, without the need for central coolers that consume a lot of energy.
· Movement detectors: these monitors switch on the item they are connected to when movement is detected.
· Dusk detectors for light operation to match the decrease in sunlight.
· Low-consumption lighting (including decorative downlight and halogen lighting).
· Motorised sources; with regards room ventilation and smoke filters, as well as heated pools.
· Building with curtain walls and roofs which enable the filtering of natural light.

Regarding water:

· Recycled rainwater.
· Ecological trickle irrigation, not spray, allowing for an important energy saving.

Hot, health waters:

· Installation of solar, thermal panels (with a guaranteed minimum production of 60%).
· Heating using natural gas, following the Energy Efficiency system..

Regarding acoustics:

· General soundproofing through anti-impact floors and sound membranes in establishments and rooms.
· The fitting of specific sound equipment for performance venues.