Food and Drink at Holiday Riwo

Among the dining establishments available at our hotel, we should highlight The Gallery Buffet Restaurant, with its delicious, varied cuisine suitable for all tastes: Holiday World considers everyone. This restaurant offers different themes on various days during the week, including a Mexican night, seafood theme, and more. Dishes are very popular for their taste, ingredients and condiments that will delight all the family and clients on our All Inclusive plan (consult our offers). If you let us know in advance,we can adapt to celiac guests or customers who have other allergies to certain products.

In Tahona Bar you can enjoy our pleasant cocktails and the latest music. You can also try some snacks and have a drink around the pool with our Jalapa Chambao Snack Bar.

All opening times are subject to change by Hotel Management, as well as being subject to the season. The Buffet Breakfast may be Continental depending on occupancy and season. The Buffet Lunch and Dinner may be served as a menu depending on occupancy and season.