Corporate Social Responsibility

Holiday World Hotels is an organisation formed by family businesses which are performance-driven and based on core values. This group has a goal: to be profitable and prestigious while still maintaining a sense of responsibility regarding its human team, and the environment and society that surround it.

Holiday World Hotels envisions sustainable expansion that enables it to tackle investments, in addition to ensuring our success through understanding and responding to the needs of our clients, providers, employees and citizens.

Holiday World Hotels mission is to reach levels of leadership in international tourism by using our different motivational factors, through the providing of a distinguished, quality service associated with responsible actions, and by continuing to be honest when it comes to carrying out our functions.

This is why Social Responsibility is, and has always been the fundamental issue at the heart of the company since its foundation. This premise guides the company's future business. We have a duty to the society in which we live and we are aware of its problems. Therefore, we have various commitments:

Our organisation attributes its success to the maintaining of policies by all its members and it recognises the excellent performance of its employees and their focus on the achievement of a common goal. That's why the EFR Project (Responsible Family Business project in English) is our code of conduct in itself.

The Grupo Peñarroya is a company based on service. We put ourselves in the client's position, we understand the market's demands and we act with flexibility. Our commitment to quality and safety has been crucial in our continued growth and success in our society.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining relationships which are mutually beneficial to our commercial associates and providers, and to making them active participants in the company's successes through the social benefits.

We participate in a constructive manner with the Institutions in order to have better legislation, regulation and agreements which enable us to improve our businesses. We maintain collaboration agreements with different entities, both private and public, which allow us to generate diverse benefits.

As an organisation dedicated to the provision of services, we understand that the environment constitutes the basis of this, meaning it is essential for future growth. Therefore, we are committed to sustainability and the respecting of the environment in the following areas:

1. Exhaustive compliance with the law, in addition to participation in programmes that pick up on measures that are outwith the law.
2. Waste Management.
3. Energy Saving: We are focussed on promoting the saving of energy and water, the use of clean energy, and cogeneration.
4. Sustainable Construction: Since the beginning of its projects, the Grupo Peñarroya has always considered natural integration with the environment to be important, as well as respecting our natural setting.
5. Training: Creating a work atmosphere favourable to the promotion of respect towards the environment through the training and motivation of staff.
6. Information: In order to effectively implement the environmental measures within the organisation, the active participation of company members and our clients is required.

We are citizens of all the towns in which we work and, as individual citizens, we have a social responsibility to support the health, education and well-being of the community. The plans of action in this regard are as follows:

· Creation of employment
· Promotion of local development
· Donations and other benefits

We will protect the interests of shareholders and keep them constantly informed.

Costa del Sol has a unique natural environment that needs to be conserved and protected if we are to continue enjoying it. Therefore, a fundamental part of Holiday World's corporate social responsibility program is an environmental commitment.

We work tirelessly to remain at the cutting edge of this field by implementing cogeneration systems, using renewable energies and continuously working on new energy efficiency and water saving policies.

Training and raising awareness among the staff of the complex play a vital role in achieving this important objective, along with publicising our ecological commitment among our guests. A clear example of this is the current environmental awareness campaign entitled: "We are all responsible at HW; help us".

We use this campaign to publicise our corporate social responsibility commitment and work, and we take advantage of these pages to request everyone (guests, suppliers and employees) to work with us to make rational use of resources. By working together we will be able to minimise the environmental impact that a large hotel complex can cause.

Very simple gestures like showing instead of bathing, turning off the lights and air conditioning when leaving the room and only serving yourself as much food as you're going to eat can seem small, but if we all do them we can contribute to more sustainable and responsible management.